An unlikely muse

So there I was waiting for some muse to inspire me to write again, when who should show up – of all people – but Neil Diamond.

On the last day of my free Sirius XM subscription – one which my sons have told me I’m insane to continue given I could get Spotify for twice as much – Neil Diamond comes on the radio singing about a woman who keeps him humming like a guitar. Enter the hilarious line: “Cracklin’ Rose, you’re a store-bought woman”. No matter that he was actually talking about a bottle of booze. Who cares? It’s still a great line.

And I want to share it. That’s the attraction of writing. The faith that there are others who will appreciate something as you do. Through words, you find each other or revisit each other, and come closer through those shared moments.

I’ve recently returned to writing after a three-month hiatus. When not writing, I missed the process, the connections it fostered, and the opportunity to put content into the world. And I also missed my WordPress friends! I read less, commented less, and looked forward to returning to our interactions. Writing can open doors closed long ago, or help us peer ahead toward horizons we may never otherwise have viewed. Magic happens when we do this together!

It feels good to be back. And during my time away, I did something bold that I’m excited to share. As you may know if you have read earlier posts, I planned to write this blog for six months – 190 Days – while undergoing chemotherapy. When that time ended in December 2021, I just kept writing.

I wanted something special for that 6-month journey, though. I’ve collected those blog posts into a book, and added some prompts at the end of each post. I hope it will help others.

It is available on Amazon: 190 Days: Life-changing thoughts from a 6-month journey through chemotherapy.


7 thoughts on “An unlikely muse

  1. I will check it out. I love WP for the same reasons you do. There are people and ideas to engage with that I might never otherwise know. I can’t say I like Neil Diamond much, but I love “an unlikely muse” as a prompt!

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  2. It’s great to be able to put your work out there and find connections that otherwise would not be found. People with whom we have things in common.
    Hearing Neil Diamond today, I realize how great he was for his audience. Today, his work signifies some of the best music to be found that sounds both contemporary and nostalgic.

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