Donna Vitalie – 190 Days

Hi. I’m Donna. In July 2021, I began a journey of 190 days. It started as a journey through chemotherapy but turned into a journey of writing and blogging, and self-discovery. Little of my writing involves cancer, but it has informed my lens. Writing has been a life-changing experience. Now, more than 650 days later, my voice still has more to share.

My journey began with an unexpected cancer diagnosis that is no longer evidenced. But there’s are so many journeys just starting for others. Someone out there is trying to muscle through final semesters toward a degree. Someone else is in a home that’s not quite right, and it’ll take half a year to get out. Another is saving to move to a new city, a new job, a new adventure!

What can you do in 190 days? I hope my words inspire you to rise to your own challenge, and share your journey with others!

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