In praise of the variety pack…

I’m falling in love with the idea of the variety pack. Given five separate buying decisions, I am likely to repeatedly choose my go-to flavor over others I like, albeit slightly less. Still, having the same thing all the time gets boring. Enter the variety pack. It rescues me from constant sameness. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This epiphany struck at my favorite bagel spot as I was buying a couple of fresh bagels, along with a variety pack of day-old bagels. I got into the day-old bagel game to make better bagel crisps for dip. After toasting a couple for breakfast, though, I realized I might have struck pay-dirt.

The beauty of variety packs and samplers is that you can explore things you may never have picked on your own. A dried tomato bagel with Italian seasoning never would have made it into my bag. I found I liked it.

This morning when I was toasting a bagel I could not identify, I found myself recalling a conversation with a colleague many years ago. She had serious upscale style but shared that she routinely shopped at TJ Maxx. Her love of Maxx started in high school when she got tired of looking like everybody else. They all shopped at the same stores.

Sometimes something different is better than – well – the same old thing. Sometimes it takes effort to find a different something. Variety packs solve the problem for us. Next time you see one, take a chance!

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