So long to some bull$h*t.

On December 31st, I said goodbye to a year best described in the words of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus’s response to Roe v. Wade’s upheaval: “This is some bullshit.”

Many of us truly waded through it last year, following on as it did from the prior year of the unthinkable becoming routine.

I typically make annual goals, but in 2022, I don’t recall doing so. If I did, they didn’t stand up to the year. I certainly didn’t do an annual Vision Board, outlining my guiding principles and priorities. I occasionally looked at the one I’d created for 2021 which I didn’t bother to take down. My unarticulated vision may have been to be standing at the end.

Since lockdowns began in spring of 2020, I’ve held a secret hope that a new version of the Roaring 20’s was surely on our horizon. Nevermind that the the original’s was helped along by the end of a world war, Prohibition, technology advancements, and more. I needed a happy story and it fit. A year and a half later, though, it feels like we’ve earned it, and we may be strong enough to make it happen.

No one can say whether 2023 will bring better fortunes or usher in a time of exultation or even ease or comfort. It seems, though, that many of us have gotten our sea legs. We’ve developed capacities and competencies to weather the storms that have become our new normal.

Some of us also seem to have a diminished tolerance for bullshit, and we’re less hesitant to call it what it is. I expect we’ll have some extra energy as a result of not wasting it on nonsense.

I’m pleased to say that I did start 2023 with a Vision Board. I got dressed up and toasted the new year with friends. I know my priorities, and have objectives that focus on advancing, not just getting through. So welcome to our new year!

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