I could be in Avalon…you never know.

The past few days of 90+ degree weather drove me indoors into air conditioning. Walking man’s best friend this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find more reasonable temperatures, a slight breeze, and much-reduced humidity. My response: coffee on the deck, listening to birds, gazing at flowers, and planning a day with some outside activity. “I’ll head to the pool for a swim,” I thought. But when? I launched my trusty weather app to help find the cross-hairs of my schedule and acceptable temperatures. Wide-eyed I stared at a glorious forecast – a week of sunny, beach-worthy weather with temps in the 70s. It would have felt worlds away just yesterday.

My exuberance was brief. I realized I’d left the app on the weather for Avalon. Not King Arthur’s version, although it may as well have been considering how dreamy and fantastical it seemed. I was looking at the weather for Avalon on Catalina Island. You see, I save locations in my weather app for places I might like to be other than here. Reston weather is rarely brutal, but let’s face it: Catalina Island, Maui, Hilton Head – they usually have it better. Every once in awhile I forget to swipe back to Reston. Following those days, as today, I open the app and am transported into a climate far better than my own. It is a fleeting but beautiful experience. Shortly thereafter, I spend moments wondering why I’m not there, or when I might be there, or how I might get there.

As to Avalon, I considered several years ago that, at some point in my future, I could choose to work remotely from there for a month or two. I’m a consultant, and even before the pandemic, much of my work lent itself to the virtual and digital. Now that the world has revisited the value of in-person work, that plan seems even more likely. I was on Catalina once for a day as a child. It was worthy of a return. When my nest is empty, I would relish living like a local and getting to know the place beyond a travel brochure. I can close my eyes and imagine looking out a window to see the bowl-shaped port full of white ships just beyond my balcony’s rail, the smell of salt air on the breeze.

Today I scheduled in a swim, and paid attention to staying hydrated in our 90 degree weather. But if I keep reminders of my dreams close by…well…you never know. I could be in Avalon someday.

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